Travel: Berlin (Germany)

Before I was born my parents always wanted to move to the capital, which happend to be Bonn at the time. I'm still confused why they changed it to Berlin whysoever, but what I'm probably trying to write down is that I've never ever been to Berlin. Not that I wasn't interested, but I kept lacking on money, time and someone who shares the same interest as me. Besides that I'm one big coward when it comes to travel to a different city all by myself and becoming all intimidated for no reason.

For my girlfriends birthday I got us train tickets and a hostel (called 1stfloor) to stay for about a week. For our first night we got the only left, approximately, four square feet room, which consisted only of one huge bed, a lonely and totally random poster and no other space, but moved to a relatively huge 3 bed room for the rest of our stay. We've done pretty much everything from tasting some local specialties (plus tons of korean bbq), also checking out a local club, going shopping and doing the regular sightseeing.

My very own highlight was the sold-out concert of Sam Smith at Berghain, which is supposedly some sort of (almost) gay club from time to time with dark rooms. It kinda resembles a pretty rundown buildling, where you're not allowed to take any pictures. They took my polaroid at the entry and actually dragged some kid out of the club, who took several pictures with his phone and flashlight (Which was, self explanatory, just simply dumb. Just turn off dat flash, idiot lah!). We went with a five head group, but got seperated right before the concert started, lol. The club itself was really well filled, I'm really bad with numbers, but I guess there were around 200 pax. To the start I didn't know that there was a supporting act, which happend to be some guy named Rhodes. He was ok, not mind-blowing like the fabulous Sam Smith. Sam Smiths album wasn't released yet at the given time, so I knew only like 4 songs, but "Lay Me Down" and "Leave Your Lover" were sung so beautifully. For the first time I wasn't really finding myself in the lyrics as I usually tend to do (#whysoemotional) and simply fell in love with his voice and accent. Oh, why he so bloody flawless and fine.

Please excuse the extremely grainy photos. I just got hooked up with the newest PS and obviously failing at it, because it can't keep up with my uber retina display and misleads my visions in so many ways. Sobs. :( But besides that I'm completely stoked for finally finishing up a blog entry about a trip I did months ago.


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Stephe hat gesagt…

Ehrlich, nach all den Reisen bin ich froh wieder nach Berlin zu kommen. Mein süßes Zuhause, Hund, Eltern, sogar Arbeit, ich vermisse alles, was ich für eine Weile verlassen musste.
So nach der Arktis Kreuzfahrt, kehrte ich nach Hause für eine kurze Zeit, eine Woche später meine Freunde hatten schon einen Plan für 4 Tage nach Barcelona zu gehen. Warum so schnell?

Das ist das Leben des Reisenden ist reich und intensiv. Aber es gefällt mir definitiv!